the ultimate in visual and mechanical authenticity, you should use Pin Drive wheels. All pieces are available from E.R.A.

The FIA/USRRC uses a unique pin-drive wheel.  Originally built by Halibrand, it is visually different than the street or competition 427 wheels.  Ours are being reproduced by Trigo and P.S. Engineering in 7.5" and 9.5" widths.

Pin Drive Wheels

Trigo Wheels

Trigo FIA wheels

Rear Pin-drive wheelPS Engineering
Front hub
Front One-piece hub for 6-pin wheels
Rear hubRear One-piece hub for 6-pin wheels

Bolt-On Wheels

 Torq-Thrust D wheels from American Racing are the most economical choice, available in 7.0" x 15" and 8.5" x 15" sizes with the correct offsets.  A fake knock-off is also available.

Tires can be 225 through 265 width in front, 265-295 width in the rear.  Outside diameter is critical, and depends on the wheel offset.


Wire Wheels

A third and fourth option for the 289FIA are now available:  OEM Dunlop wheels (at the right and here) are available.

In addition, Dayton wire wheels (see below and here) are available.  They are a slightly different design than the OEM Dunlop wire wheels and are much stronger.  These are available in 7" and 8" widths (15" diameter). 

You can see the difference in design and attachment here.

Wire wheelDunlop Wheel

front dayton wheeldayton wheel, rear

427-Style Wheels

And fourth, but not least, are 15, 16, or 17" bolt-on wheels from Team III or PS Engineering.  Some compromise is made esthetically, but these wheels are really built for performance.  Available in several widths.

Team III Wheel
Team III

17" Front wheel
PS Engineering