A complete brake system comes with the kit.  Dual Tilton master cylinders are mounted under the floor, with a remote reservoir on the drivers footbox.  An adjustable balance bar connects the master cylinders with the brake pedal.

Note that we are careful to isolate the brake lines with rubber tubing where it might rub along the chassis, and the lines are well secured to the rails with clamps - standard in every kit.

The illustration at the right is taken from the assembly manual.

We've removed the aluminum floor so that you can get a better look at the layout of the master cylinders and plumbing.  An aluminum cover will protect the underneath  from splashes and exhaust heat.

By the way, we do offer an under-car exhaust system for those wanting the "street" look.

Here we see the standard "ERA" pedal faces.  "AC" faces are optional.  Also note the curved throttle pedal, hanging just like the original car.  

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Clutch hydraulics

Pedal assbly