Unfortunately, in the kit car industry there are no "standard assemblies".  Each company has its own approach to components that they include, so a careful comparison of each kit is required.  E.R.A. includes many, many of the small components that you won't think about until you find that you lack them in other kits!

Take a visual tour of a standard kit, ready to ship!

Compare our components (and whether they are factory-installed) with the competition! There is no fabrication or fitting involved when you build an ERA, only straightforward installation. As delivered, the basic kit looks like a real car, but with the suspension and interior in boxes.

If you've built a kit car before, you know that the small details are the most time consuming (and frustrating) part of construction. Those details are where ERA shines. Please, compare our car with our competitors! We are confident that you will find that an E.R.A. replica is, at the bottom line, a bargain in ease of construction and quality of the final product.

Almost all fasteners are included in the standard kit. This will save you lots of time.

Trunk hingeBODY- Fit to the chassis complete with:

  • Aluminum inner panels, splash shields and trunk, installed
  • Aluminum side vent louvers, installed
  • Aluminum firewall, wheel-houses, floors, rear bulkhead panels, with removable access panel, installed
  • Doors, hood and trunk lid, hinged, fit, installed and latched with reproductions of the original hardware and stainless steel fasteners.
  • Footboxes (fiberglass as original) with insulation installed
  • Hood and trunk stay with brackets, installed
  • Built in hood scoop  - or smooth hood
  • All holes for lights, bumpers, mirrors, top and tonneau snaps, emblems, etc. are drilled or cut out.
  • Removable aluminum transmission tunnel, installed
  • Separate left and right fiberglass foot boxes, with thermal insulation, installed
  • Windshield, installed
  • Integrated steel front and rear cowl surrounds acting to fully support the body shell and doors.
  • Drive shaft safety strap
BRAKING SYSTEM (all installed), includes:
  • Floor mounted brake and clutch pedal assemblies mounted directly on the main chassis rail with needle bearing pivots and pivoting pedal faces.
  • Dual Tilton master cylinders w/balance bar enclosed in box below floor
  • Steel brake lines, junctions, front and rear, with insulated clamps.
  • Flex lines to the front calipers, and rear suspension
  • Brake fluid reservoirs and brackets, with filler lines - see right >
  • Dual brake light switches, with warning light

Brake filler lines
Even the reservoir fill lines are supplied and installed on the kit.  All lines - brake, clutch and fuel are secured to the chassis with buffered clamps.

CHASSIS, complete with
  • All mounting points for:
    Engine and transmission
    Steering and suspension
    Brake system
    Radiator and fuel tank.
  • Integrated door hinging and latching
  • Functional roll bar with forward brace

CLUTCH SYSTEM, includes:

  • Pedal and all linkage, Master cylinder, mounted on chassis, with filler tube
  • Slave cylinder, bracket, flex line and all fittings


  • Radiator, oversized aluminum core, w/bleeder, mounted in the chassis with top and bottom pins into rubber insulators
  • Electric fan, Thermostatically controlled with manual override switch and relay
  • Aluminum shrouding
  • Aluminum connector tube from the water pump to the radiator
Radiator layout


  • An accurate reproduction of the original street or competition style dashboard.  The competition dash is in bare aluminum, the street dash is covered in all-weather vinyl.
  • Stewart Warner instruments including 3 3/8" Tachometer and Speedometer, plus 2 5/8" oil pressure, oil temperature, water temperature, ammeter and fuel level gages with appropriate senders
  • High beam, turn signal and brake system warning indicator lights
  • Fresh air vent pull cables and knobs
  • All dash switches appropriate for comp or street trim
  • Special modular wiring harness, color coded, tagged, and soldered
  • All original-style dash switches, appropriate to dash style
  • Fuse blocks, horn and fan relays (pre-wired), flasher
  • All grommets, clips, securing hardware, etc.
  • Headlights, parking lights, tail and license lights, installed
  • Dual horns with relay
  • Windshield wiper motor bracket with adapter tubes, wiper relay
  • Battery mounting system (in rear quarter)
Engine firewall

FRESH AIR SYSTEM, installed, including:

  • Fresh air inlet ducts
  • Left and right control valves
  • All hoses, clamps, etc.

FUEL SYSTEM, installed, includes:

  • Tank, aluminum, 19 gallon, fully baffled
  • Filler, Monza type aluminum, with all fittings to tank
  • Steel fuel line from tank to engine
  • Complete carburetor throttle linkage
STANDARD (RACE) INTERIOR, includes: Competition seats


  • Front upper and lower control arms with ball joints, bushings and hardware
  • Custom fabricated steering knuckles
  • Steering tie rods with ends
  • Rear trailing arms with rod ends
  • Lower steering column with "U" joints
  • Interior and exterior rear view mirrors
    (See options for street-style.)
  • All grommets for instruments, cables, etc.
  • Top and tonneau snaps, w/holes in body drilled


Side louvers in aluminum, installed (at right)

Ferrules for top bows and side curtains

Side louvers

  • Defroster vents on dash
  • Weather stripping for doors, hood and trunk
  • Carpeting, door panels
  • Street seats (427 style)
  • Aluminum step mouldings
  • Front and rear chrome over-riders
  • Sun visors and windwings
Top socket on chassis
Top frame socket - built into the chassis

Also included is a detailed assembly manual that gives illustrated step by step instructions, with numbers and sources for all necessary other parts.  The text-portion of the manual is downloadable here if you want an idea of the labor and parts required.

Our packing list is here.  Unfortunately, it doesn't list every nut and bolt - we assemble the packages with our own list.


  • Engine: Ford 289-351
  • Transmission: Mustang 5 speed, Ford toploader, Richmond Gear 5 speed or Tremac
  • Jaguar XKE or XJ sedan rear suspension unit, or ERA replacement
    Jag requires custom ERA subframe
  • Flaming River steering gear (FR1502-3X3) or equivalent
  • Upper steering column and steering wheel
  • GM front rotors and calipers (bolt-on wheels only)
  • Front coil-over dampers
  • Wheels and tires
  • Handbrake handle and cable
  • Exhaust system

Download a text-version of the manual with a detailed
list of parts required, including part numbers.

Our OPTION LIST with prices!

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