Street FIATurn-key (minus) Cars from ERA

ERA sells kits, not complete cars, but we can assist you in your car's construction - all the way to a finished vehicle if you supply the drivetrain  The car is custom built to your specifications.   There are also several experienced builders around the country who will do a good job.  Inquire.

Our "base" turn-key is listed below, options at the bottom. Many other variations are possible.

When we do install a customer-supplied engine, etc, on a complete kit, we road test about 100 miles.  While we certainly don't recommend it, we've had customers drive from Connecticut to the west coast straight out of the factory!

Base vehicle (comp car) specifications:

Price approximately $75,000

  • Standard engine: Ford crate 302 with approximately 285 BHP, single 4 bbl., 9.5:1 compression ratio. 
  • Paint: Single nonmetallic with no stripe, done in urethane hardened acrylic lacquer with clear finish coat. Sanded and buffed to Near-Show-Quality.  Stripes like the competition cars are available, approximately $900 additional.  Three part paint $1000 additional.. 
  • Interior: Racing seats, upholstered in vinyl, bare aluminum interior. 
    Street style seats and nylon rugs are optional. 
  • Wheels: 15" American Racing Torq-Thrust wheels (7" front, 9.5" rear). Other bolt-on, wire (Dayton) and pin drive wheels also available.  See the options. 
  • Suspension and brakes:  Spax double adjustable dampers, two in the front, and four in the rear. The rear suspension is in a rubber mounted subframe to isolate the chassis from differential noise and vibration.  Our out-board-braked assembly is optional. 
  • Exhaust system: Straight through racing pipes, properly placed under the rockers, exiting in front of rear wheels, painted in black.  Street baffling and undercar mufflers exiting at the rear is optional. 
  • Transmission: Rebuilt Ford T-5 
  • Differential:(rebuilt limited slip) Several ratios available at no cost.

(Partial list)
  • Leather seats, emergency brake boot, etc.: + $600 
  • Full street interior with vinyl seats, carpeting, door trim: $1600 
  • Street interior with leather seats, etc.,  $2200
  • Bumpers replace jackpads +$500
  • Special engines can be made to your specifications: Price varies
  • Pin Drive wheels with original design: +$2700 from Trigo Wheels.
  • Front and rear anti-sway bars - $250-$350 each
  • ERA rear suspension with outboard brakes  + $700
  • Grill as shown above + $700
  • Top, installed, in vinyl: + $1100 
  • Side curtains + $700 
    Richmond Gear 5 speed or Automatic transmission + $1000
  • Tremec 5 speed + $900 
  • Extra large electric cooling fan, for extreme engines and/or weather conditions + $250 
  • Oil cooler +$500
  • Front brake scoops - $200 
  • Special colors and stripe patterns...prices quoted 
Soft top

Many other items available at special request.


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Sorry, but we generally don't do quotes via e-mail. There are too many variables that need discussing.

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