Grill Installation

If ordered with the kit, the grill is installed as shown. Retrofitting can be done as follows:

Apply masking tape to the body lip along the inside (rear) edge, going slightly up the curve-up at either end. Put a couple of strips on the top edge too, in the center only.

Locate the lower holes by trial-fitting the grill in the body hole. Insert the grill past the likely mounting location and hold in the center of the body opening. Mark the pin locations onto the lower pieces of tape as a line projected directly forward. Check that the center-to-center distance between the holes in the body matches the pin spacing on the grill.

Taping layout
Layout Measure back from the front edge of the body opening 1" and mark where that dimension intersects with the pin line. Check again, because that's where you're going to drill into the body. Use a small pilot drill and then finish with a 7/32" drill bit. Drill straight down first, and then tilt the drill back about 20 degrees to make a tapered hole.

Install the grill lower pins into the holes and rotate the top forward so that the top mount goes under the top body lip. You will have to push the grill down against the rubber cushions to do this. Once in place, adjust the tilt of the grill to the top distance shown and drill two 1/8" or #30 holes for the top #8 screws. Remove the tape and install permanently.

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