ERA GT Chassis Details

Chassis layout

The monocoque ERA GT chassis is a close duplicate of the original in both form and function.  But, we do it in Series 400 stainless steel.  Only the roof material is changed, from steel to a carbon/kevlar composite.  All chassis pieces are cut and bent on Computer Numerical Controlled machines with tolerances of +/- .010?. The pieces are then carefully spot, tig and mig welded together in our own jig. With the latest welding techniques and the heavier gage stainless steel, our chassis is much straighter than the original and will resist corrosion for a long time.  Many of the original cars required extensive restoration because the design ignored the possibility of long term corrosion, as can seen in this record of one car's resurrection.

The integral roll bar, while affording significant protection for the passengers, is not SCCA legal.  We can, however, create a complete roll cage for those who want "legal" track car.

More Chassis Pictures