Slabside Manual Supplements

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See the FIA section for more topics. pertinent to the Slabside.

Wiring Note!  There was a change in the light switch and its wiring.  If your switch doesn't match the one in the wiring instructions, download the latest instructions from the owner's section.

R&R of
the Ford ignition switch

Tires, including recommended sizes for the ERA Slabside

  • Wheels, 15" x 6"W (note that the drawings work for both the front and rear)

    PDF drawing, Dunlop and Dayton

    Note that the Dunlop wheels require that the front hubs and the adapters be machined. Finished parts are available from ERA. As far a we know, we are the only ones with spline adapters with the correct offset.

  • Side emblem placement

ERA Owners!  The latest full manuals are available for download.  Please email us here: eracars<at>

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