Drive Train and Brakes

The original Shelby 427 used both the 427 Side-Oiler and the 428 Cobra-Jet engine during its production run. The Side-oiler is rare - and much more expensive than the 428. It can be recognized only by subtle block changes  Ironically, the NASCAR 427 had only one 4bbl carburetor, while the street 428 had two.

How about twin Paxtons!

Webered engine

Above: Here we see how a customer can "go off the deep end!"  This is a 427 engine with gold-plated Weber carburetors. These carburetors are quite expensive - about $3500 for the non-gold-plated variety - but they do look good.  They also CAN run good, but it frequently takes quite a bit of twiddling to get them right.

We also have mounts for small block and 429 Ford, and small and big block Chevy.

 You can see the aluminum firewall with all the electrical components in back of the engine.

The E.R.A. hydraulic braking system is designed for maximum safety, efficiency and balance. The complete brake hydraulic system, except for the calipers, comes installed on the standard kit.  Both the illustrations at the right are taken from the assembly manual

This includes:

  •  Dual Tilton master cylinders connected by an adjustable balance bar mounted under the floor.
  • All brake lines, both steel and flex, mounted on the chassis with insulators at intervals that will make your state inspector smile..
Master cylinders
The emergency brake system works surprisingly well on both the Jaguar-based rear suspension and the ERA design.  In both, we've made the proper mechanical advantage so that it it takes neither a monumental pull on the handle or a too-long stroke.  Both systems are self-adjusting for pad wear.EB cable stuff
Brake and clutch pedals
  • The pedal system includes all pedals arms with pivoting aluminum pedal faces (see below) with "ERA" or "AC".  We support the hardened pivot shaft and the brake pedal in needle bearings.  

Like the original car, the pedals are pivoted underneath the floor.  Unlike the original car, we protect the master cylinders in a box (not illustrated) that is removable for service.

All stress bearing parts are mounted directly to the chassis.

An adjustable balance bar connects the master cylinders with the brake pedal.Dual brake light switches with dash warning light for hydraulic malfunctions.

Optional remote reservoir on the drivers footbox.

For a look at some real master cylinders, etc, installed in the chassis, click here!

GM-based 11" x 1" vented rotors and floating calipers (shown at the right) stop the front.  Special larger brakes are available for racing or heavy duty street use.

In the rear, the standard Jaguar-base inboard 10.5" x .5" solid rotors are clamped by Girling calipers with separate emergency brake caliper.  

Our optional rear suspension uses 11.75" vented rotors clamped by PBR floating calipers with integral emergency brake function.

GM caliper
The complete hydraulic clutch release system is included in the kit, with all but the slave cylinder and connecting line installed on the chassis. Also included is a slave cylinder bracket and the adjustable link to the throwout fork. You just bolt the pieces in.  All brake and clutch lines (including the flex hoses to the calipers) are installed. Also installed are the clutch pedal, master and slave cylinder; fuel tank, cap, filler pipe and lines. Clutch hydraulics

Our custom aluminum radiator (with electric fan) is the largest in the business and fully shrouded in aluminum. The standard fan will cool most big block street engines in temperate climes.  Order the optional fan if you have a big engine and live in an un-naturally hot envirornment, like south of Connecticut...

Throttle linkage
Our throttle linkage mounts on the footbox like the original car and lets you bolt up to most 4 bbl carburetors directly.  Except for the engine bracket, all pieces are installed on every car, even on our standard kit.  Note that the engine-end pivot is mounted on the engine itself.  This prevents engine movement to feed back (sometimes unstably) into the throttle position.
A: Pedal
B: Steel frame over footbox (also supports the steering column)
C: Rear pivot
D: Bracket on engine
We also can supply the engine linkage and bellcrank for twin 4 bbl carburetors as used on the original 428-engined Cobras (and retrofitted to many 427s). 2 x 4bbl carbs

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