Our Custom Rear Suspension

We mate a Jaguar differential and outer hub internaal components with our own hub carriers, control arms and subframe.  The geometry is modified slightly for more predictable handling with the wide tires and high horsepower that's typical of track cars.  Like our standard Jaguar-based suspension, the fail-safe axle design acts as the upper control arm to optimize strength, weight and simplicity.
Note the outboard brakes with vented rotors on the ERA hub carrier.  The entire assembly is 50 lbs lighter than the standard Jag-based unit, even though it uses the same Salisbury center section. Rear view of assembly

Because of the lighter control arms and single damper, unsprung weight is about the same as the inboard-braked Jag rear.  The brake caliper has an integral emergency brake, or if you prefer, there are similar calipers without the feature.

  Every rear suspension that we build (unless you don't want it) comes standard with a rebuilt Powerlok© limited-slip differential.


Rear view of hub carrier

Installed in car
The assembly is easily installed in all the FIA chassis without modifications.  Both bolt-on and pin drive hubs are available.  
For street use, an emergency brake system is optional, complete with a balance/lever system to give very effective braking with a reasonable tug on the lever.

Emergency Brake balance bar