The ERA MK II -------------------------- $54,900

How does the MK II differ from the MK I?  

We are now offering a true MK II replica, compatible with the original FE engine and the T44 transaxle!  Like the original MK II, the ERA GT MK I chassiss is modified for the larger engine.  Initial bodies are done as the original, with rather crude bodywork designed for racing only - which is not to say they can't be made to look straight enough for street.  With our  new tooling, the body's construction is similar to the ERA MK I.  Here's a layout of one of the first cars.

While the GT MK I very successful, Ford decided to skip the sublety and stick a big block (427) into a GT40 chassis.

The engine was the same as used in the 427 Cobra:  A NASCAR engine (note the single 4 bbl carb) putting out about 485 bhp.  Very conservative - to live for 24 hours at Le Mans.  The engine used a sophisticate dry sump system to minimize height and maximize oil capacity for the 24 hour race.  

Engine compartment

A large (~3 gallon) reservoir was kept at the front, on top of the footbox.  Lots of plumbing involved.

Rear view The Mk I's ZF transaxle was found to be inadequate for the big block's torque.

Because of time constraints, the guts of the ubiquitous Top-Loader found its way into a new Ford-designed case with quick change gears at the far end of the case for fast ratio changes.  There were only 4 speeds, but with all that torque, nobody complained.  First gear was good for almost 100 mph!

And there were also body changes!