Typical ERA Slabside Kit Costs

*Note. These prices are outmoded. Please talk to Peter for updated figures. (erapeterp@gmail.com)

(These are not standard packages, but possible combinations of options. 
Every kit is custom made.)

#1) Basic Slabside kit includes

Street interior (seats, rugs, etc), Front and rear bumperettes, grill, center fuel filler, center-drop dashboard, and all the other standard parts listed here.
Total:  $22,900

#2) Same as #1 plus

Powder coated chassis, etc:   $1300
Bonded body:     $2600
Rear subframe:    $600
ERA steering column and wheel:   $650
Emergency brake handle w/cable:  $300
Seat track, driver's seat: $100
Total:  $28,450

#3)  Same as #2 plus

Rear suspension, installed: *$4500
Driveshaft, new:  (most apps): $350
Total: $33,300

* Subframe cost included in #1

#4) Same as #3 plus  

Front suspension (roller)with
double-adjustable Spax dampers,
front, new steering gear, rotors,
rebuilt calipers, all installed:  $2900
Total:  $36,200

#5)  Same as #4 plus

Front, rear anti-sway bars:  $500
Undercar exhaust:   $1200
Paint, solid color: $6000
Total:  $43,900

#6) Same as #5 plus

Windwings and sunvisors: $270
Dayton wire wheels with adapters, wing nuts:  $3700

(Add $800 for original spline-drive Dunlop wheels)

Total:  $47,870

This is a complete car minus engine and transmission, needing only wiring and interior installation, engine and transmission, and some minor trim components and installation.

About 35 hours to complete!

More options from our 289FIA

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and accurate quotes.  
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