All the outside body and inner panels are installed (with screws) onto the chassis - you know that they fit from the outset.  We will (optionally) permantly install all the panels onto a powder-coated chassis.

 The doors, hood and trunk lid are hinged and latched too, and the windshield is installed.

FIA Parts List

427 Parts List

The Kit, Ready to Pick Up

Basic kit ready for shipment

Each kit is normally shipped on the same dolly wheels that we use to assemble it.  We require a small deposit for the setup, but it makes it much easier for the builder to move the partially completed kit around. You can keep the dolly wheels as long as you like, and your deposit is always fully refundable!  This is why E.R.A. kits get finished sooner and more often than just about any other!

All head and parking lights are installed.


Fresh air ducting, radiator and radiator shrouding and jackpads or bumperettes are factory installed.

All clamps are supplied with the kit too.

At right:  The lighter color on the tops of the fenders is an extra layer of material to prevent tire-thrown-rocks from starring the paint.

The seats, front suspension, wiring and instruments are packed in boxes.

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