*Note!  These are  ERA kit options only.  Most items are not available to the aftermarket.

tan seatWe can supply just about anything that you need to complete your kit.  Everything that's listed in our required parts list is available from us.  If there is something that's not on the list, please ask.

We will also make every attempt to accommodate special requests. If you are not mechanically inclined, or are short of time, E.R.A. can do anything to help make your assembly job easier. Many people choose to have us create a "roller". We install the suspension and permanently bond the body on at the factory.

At the right are some custom tan seats with green piping we did for a  potential "street car."

BASIC KIT PRICE: $23,900  (see here for standard parts list)


  • Powder-coated chassis, hinges and many other small components by Central CT Coatings - $1900
  • Bond and rivet the body onto the chassis, rivet and bond the floors, interior panels, wheelhouse and trunk panels - $3800
  • Labor to assemble rolling chassis - $2300



  • Six-Pin-drive one-piece hubs (set of four), pins, center dust caps, standard front 11" vented rotors with bearings and seals, machined and trued.
    With 7.5" x 15" and 9.5" x 15" wheels: $4900
  • Five-pin-drive aluminum wheels with adapters.  These are visually identical to the 6 pin wheels but use adapters to bolt onto standard bolt-on hubs - $2600
  • Bolt-on wheels available - inquire


(Standard parts listed here)

  • Brake reservoir, plastic.  Feeds front and rear brakes, and clutch - $85
  • Brake/clutch  reservoir cans  (shown at right) with clamps and hard lines, installed - $250
  • Front GM brake calipers with hardware  - $175/pair
  • Front rotors for above (Bolt-on wheels only) - $175/pair
    (Rotors are included with Pin-drive option)
  • Competition front brakes, 4-piston fixed calipers (Wilwood Superlite) with 12.2" vented rotors - $1600
  • Outboard rear brakes with 11.75" vented rotors - See the ERA rear suspension below.
Optional brake cans


(Standard parts listed here)

  • Rack and pinion steering gear, 3.2 turns lock-to-lock, new, with modified inner tie-rods, bushings and mounting bolts - $795
  • Anti-sway bar, with all installation hardware - $300
  • Coil-over dampers with springs, custom valved by Spax, externally adjustable for height and damping.  With installation hardware - $850/pair


JAGUAR-BASEDJag rear suspension
  • Rear subframe (the price includes the labor to shorten your control arms and half-shafts, w/handbrake adapter - $600
  • Rear suspension complete, Jaguar based - Complete rebuilt assembly, includes new Spax dampers (see below), Eibach springs, bearings, rebuilt or new Powerlok limited-slip differential with your selection of gear ratio (2.88-3.77), installed - $6100
  • Coil-over dampers with springs, Spax, rear, four complete units, externally adjustable for height and damping, $1700
  • Anti-sway bars for  Jag-based rear, with all installation hardware - $300.
  • Used Jaguar cores ($950) and rebuilding parts are also available.
  • Complete assembly, with outboard brakes and custom hub carriers.  Complete, assembled and installed, ready for bolt-on or pin-drive wheels.  Best for track, but also works well on the street using softer springs.  Saves 50 lbs compared with Jag-based setup - $7600
  • ERA suspension "kit".  Includes subframe, control arms, axles and hub carriers.  You supply the differential, brake calipers, hubs, bearings and labor - Ask for price
ERA rear suspension
Assembly includes new Spax dampers (adjustable height and damping), Eibach springs, bearings, rebuilt or new Powerlok LSD with your selection of gear ratio.
  • Anti-sway bar for ERA rear suspension, adjustable - $395


  • We do not build engines, but Ford 390, 427 or 428 units are available directly from many sources.  A list of builders that have proven reliable for customers is available here.


  • Air cleaner, large oval - $160
  • Oil breather, FE, rear of intake manifold, polished aluminum - $100
  • Oil pan, Canton (FE).  Available (pickup included) in track design with one-way doors - $350, or street design - $300


  • CLUTCH ASSEMBLY - We stock high performance discs, pressure plates and bearing for most applications. We use dual friction material discs with diaphram style pressure plates for stock pedal pressure with greatly improved performance. Kits starting at $335  (See the Detailed Price List for details.
  • Small or Large spline close ratio gearbox - Inquire
  • Complete Hurst shifter linkage and handle, modified and installed - $750
Shift linkage
  • Richmond Gear 5 speed transmission - requires shift linkage and handle - $1980
    Shift linkage and handle for above - $850
  • Tremec TKO 5 speed transmission - integral shift linkage, only requires handle - $1550
    New Tremec heavy duty TKX also available - $3300
  • Shift handle for Tremec.  Duplicates original look, but the lockout is non-functional - $250
    Knob (5 speed) - $60

TKO 600

  • Bellhousing, bottom flange trimmed - $900 most applications
  • Drive-shaft, manufactured from all new parts, balanced - $385 for most applications.
    Aircraft shoulder bolts  w/ nuts for driveshaft - set of four - $24
Driveshaft and hoop
Note the standard driveshaft strap.
EXHAUST (for Ford FE only)
  • Side pipe competiton-style exhaust system (as used on the original competition cars) - Primary and side pipes in bare steel, complete (needs tabs welded on) - $900
    Primary pipes ("headers") only (bare steel) - $600
    Side pipes only (bare steel) - $900
    Stainless steel side-pipes only, polished, $2850/pair. Use with primary pipes above.
  • Under-car exhaust -  $1300
  • Heat shields for primary pipes, set for both sides - $150
Side pipes
  • Wire screen vents to allow hot air from the exhaust primary pipes to exit from the engine compartment.  Includes aluminum ring and screen, and the holes made in the aluminum wheel house.  All installed. - $300 for both sides.
Wheel well vents


  • Extra heavy-duty fan, cools even radical engines - add $250
    Dual front fans
    , like the original design (supplements the rear fan, doesn't replace it) - $395
  • Expansion tank, cooling system, in black epoxy - $550
  • Oil cooler
    4" x 14" core and all braided hoses with fittings - $825
    As above, with 6" high cooler assembly and shroud, shown at right  - $975
6" Oil cooler
Add for oil thermostat in sandwich adapter for above - $60
For remote filter system with either cooler, add $350
Add for in-line oil thermostat with remote filter - add $220
  • Carburetor cold air box "Turkey Pan" as shown at right - $375
  • Upper radiator connecting tube, silver ceramic-coated steel, with hoses and clamps (must be matched to special radiator) - $60
  • All radiator hoses available - ask
Turkey pan


  • AC pedals, replace ERA face - Pair - $120
  • Ash tray, mounted in tunnel, as original - $135
  • Emblems, front, back - $35 each, side - $35 each
  • Steering wheel center cap - Cobra logo: $70, "AC": $70
  • Dashboard knobs for wiper and dash-light dimmer switch, special fluted and appropriately marked (replace plain ones) - $Ask.

wiper and dimmer knobs

Sun visor
      • Sun visors (above), installed - Pair - $135
      • Wind wings (at right), installed - Pair - $135
Wind wing
Grill opening splitter
  • SC Dash without glovebox - Standard
  • Street dash with glovebox - $300
  • SC Dash with glovebox - $300
  • Door pull strap (leather) (below) - $25/pair
  • Emergency brake handle, reproduction of original - $300
    E.B. cable for Jag-based suspension - $50Door pulls
    E.B. cable system for ERA suspension.  Includes 3 cables and balance linkage - $200
  • Locking hood handles, "T" style (shown at right) - add $100 

Locking hood handle

  • Headlights, Lucas Tripode (at right) each - $150
    Replace standard DOT approved halogen
  • Headlight stone guards, steel mesh, pair - $30
  • Heater/defroster - installed.  $550
  • Hood scoop - Integral with hood - Add $150
  • Leather interior and trim - $800-$875
  • license plate bracketRear license plate bracket  stainless steel - $40 arrow right
    Front also available.
  • Nudge bars for front and/or rear - $600 each.
  • Roll bar kit - Installed - $475
    Chromed, add $280

  • Bulb reflector/shield for standard light (pair) -see right-> - $30
Tripode Headlight
Tail light reflector
  • Steering column, visual duplicate of original, with switch and steering wheel hub - $925
  • 15" Steering wheel, reproduction of original- $300
  • 16" Steering wheel as original - Ask
Signal switch mounted on left side Signal switch mounted on right

Switch mounted on left side

Switch mounted on right

  • Quick-release hub for ERA colum:  An almost completely hidden system!  It uses a modified hub (looks like the original car's) that has small finger cutouts for the release mechanism.  The turn signal switch looks and acts exactly as before.  It even retains the automatic canceller!. - $450
Quick change in column
Sweet hub Quick change in wheel


  • Aluminum wheelhouse panels, front and rear - Now standard!
  • Battery, trunk mounted - $500
  • Competition-style trunk panels - $Ask
  • Wiper motor, linkage and wheelboxes - $400
  • Wiper arms and blades, complete set - $160
  • Windshield washer system, OEM type mechanical - $200


  • Car cover, indoor or outdoor  (waterproof, but not breatheable)- Ask
  • Safety wire pliers and wire kit
    Storage bag for above
Car cover
  • Floor mats, with ERA logo, bound edges.  Contoured to the ERA (chassis 731-on) footwells Ask for price.

Cocoa mats are available for earlier cars directly from Cocoamats.com in many different configurations.


Mats for FIA shown.  427 similar.
  • Rear fender spats (vinyl) - Helps prevent rock chips.  Held in place with velcro and the top snap. $250 pair.
  • Foam padded fender protector with E.R.A. logo.  What could be better? Cooool! - $34 each
Fender cover
  • Race mirrorRace-style (Raydyot) exterior mirror and bracket (for driver's and/or passenger's side  +$85 each over standard mirror  (shown at right)
  • Seat track set (each seat) - $150
  • Side curtains, pair - $1200
  • Tool kit - Inquire for tools available and pricing.
  • Soft top and bows (requires fitting) - Ask for price.

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